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Unique Formulation & Manufacturing Process ( UFMP) Technology

This product formulation is exclusive to Denis Brinicombe Group UK and contains unique premix compounds that maximise bio-availability, animal health and nutritional performance. The distinctive appearance and feeding consistency is a mark of manufacturing excellence ensuring a rapid and optimum response from the animal throughout the feeding period.

Fro-But Antiseptic tubby

This is our best selling Tubby. Suitable for all lambs from newly born to hoggets. Essential to all sheep when abrasions are prevalent around the mouth and nose etc. The special ingredients together with calcium and good levels of minerals, trace elements and vitamins encourages strong frames, helps the condition known by the Denis Brinicombe Group as "thistle prick" and improves overall lamb well-being. Ensure adequate buckets are made available to allow every lamb 24 hour unlimited access. Lambs will help themselves – this is a huge benefit over other forms of treatment. This product will only be effective in areas where saliva is present i.e. mouth, nose, teats etc. – also see Tub HSC.

Fro-But Plus

A very high specification tubby, suitable for all lambs from newly born to hoggets. This tub combines our "Lamb Finisher" tubby and our "Fro-But" tubby. With high levels of trace elements and minerals as well as live yeast, this tub will improve rumen efficiency and help encourage faster growth rates, while still maintaining the antiseptic properties to help "thistle prick". This product will only be effective in areas where saliva is present i.e mouth, nose, teats etc.  


An ideal, simple system to prevent or treat the ravages of coccidiosis in sheep. Contains a concentrated source of decoquinate to combat the condition, plus calcium to build and maintain a good frame. The tub should be introduced as soon as lambs are born for immediate effect. It can also be fed to ewes prior to lambing as it will reduce coccidiosis infestation in the environment giving lambs a "window of protection" when first born. Don’t ignore the overlooked effects of a sub clinical bout of coccidiosis at weaning – this product has been proven to increase growth rates over untreated lambs.

COXI-CLEAR 3in1 (Medicated)

A combination of the proven ingrdients contained in COXI CLEAR and FRO-BUT, provides this tub with a two pronged attack to assist in the prevention and treatment of coccidiosis and "thistle prick" should these problems occur simultaneously. The same quality and benefits provided by the contents of these two tubs are blended into COXI-CLEAR 3in1. It is vital to ensure adequate buckets are made available to allow every lamb 24 hour unlimited access.

COXI-CLEAR 4in1 (Medicated)

An incredible quadruple for this bucket, helps combat "thistle prick", coccidiosis and aids hoof condition, all in one product. The ultimate 4-in-1 Tubby. With high levels of "smart zinc", concentrated decoquinate and special ingredients it packs an almighty punch. It is vital to ensure adequate buckets are made available to allow every sheep 24 hour unlimited access.

TUB LF Lamb Finishing/Growing

Ensure your lambs grow or finish quicker with this bucket. A firm favourite with lamb producers looking to improve growth rates. High cobalt, vitamin and trace element levels aid performance. High calcium builds muscle and frame,"live" yeasts assist efficient rumen development and permitted special copper enhances growth for all lambs looking for a kick-start.

TUB SF Sheep's Feet

For ease of application and to dramatically improve hoof condition this product, fed for a minimum of 6 to 8 weeks, provides the answer. High in calcium, cobalt, smart zinc, selenium and vitamin E to build sound feet and strong frames. Promotes growth, health and overall immunity for your flock.

TUB TUP Tupping Ewes

Introduce this bucket 2 - 3 weeks prior to the ram's introduction and keep in place throughout the mating season. Packed with high levels of pure phosphorus crystals together with the necessary nutrient supplementation such as high levels of trace elements and protected energy, Tub Tup will stimulate sex hormones and fertility levels in all ewes.

Super Tup

Formulated to a dextrose base to give a highly palatable taste this Tubby contains "Orvec Stimulus" and is packed with nutrients to revitalise the sagging sex drive of rams and ewes alike. Introduce 2-3 weeks pre-tupping and feed for a period of 6 weeks. One bucket will treat 15 ewes for this period. For the rams introduce at least 6 weeks pre-tupping and prepare to observe the increased sexual activity and the knock-on improvement to ewe productivity. Particularly suitable when bringing lambing period forward. Seek mineral clinic advice on other mineral supplementation whilst using this product.

TUB RAM For All Rams

A healthy urinary system and an absence of magnesium is the best way to aid kidney health in male sheep, young or old, pedigree or commercial. This bucket is magnesium free, contains high levels of anionic salts and "smart zinc". Feed to all rams throughout the growing and pre-mating period. Designed to stimulate male reproductive organs, prepare for the mating period, harden and produce sound healthy feet.

TUB TL Twin Lamb Tubby

Stress, digestive upsets, and nutritional shortcomings will all trigger this unwelcome problem. This bucket should be fed as soon as any symptoms occur, when conditions give cause for concern or to multi-lamb bearing ewes. Energy catalysts, sugars, essential magnesium and high vitamin D3 levels makes for a very effective product to assist in the prevention of this condition.

TUB PPL Pre and Post Lambing

With dextrose, calcium, magnesium, cobalt, plus high levels of selenium and vitamin E, this bucket will "seriously improve" your lamb production. Feed for 6 weeks prior and 4 weeks post-lambing for maximum benefits. Encourages milk production, enhances colostrum quantity and quality which in turn ensures more healthy "get up and grow" lambs. Feed before, during and after lambing. Highly recommended.

TUB Easi Life Natural Protein Bucket

An excellent high quality feed suitable for ewes. It contains a rich mixture of natural protein, live active yeast, and essential omega 3 oils. Blended with high levels of all major minerals, trace elements and protected vitamins it is the ideal natural protein source for ewes. It is especially useful to ensure ewes remain "milky" when turned out with lambs at foot.

Tub Toxo

Toxoplasmosis usually results in foetal death, and research shows that this may cost up to £85 per ewe. If you make Tub TOXO available to breeding ewes for the last 14 weeks of pregnancy, it will significantly reduce the risk of substantial financial losses. Tub TOXO contains 4,400mg/kg of decoquinate, therefore will need an MFS Script before dispatch.  This tub also contains very high levels of Selenium and Vitamin E, which have been shown support the overall immune system and overall ewe health.


Bug-A-Tub is a unique product formulated “Para-Guard” , which is designed to be absorbed into the blood stream, so as that blood sucking parasites, such as ticks and lice, find the blood unpalatable, and leave the animal in search of another host. This tub also contains targeted herbal ingredients to help cleanse the gut and digestive system, as well as Live yeast to improve feed conversion and a full vitamin and mineral specification including special copper to balance any deficiencies in the diet. A labour saving tub, to improve the wellbeing of your stock.

Tub Crina

Crina has been shown to improve rumen function and stabilize pH, thus promoting better feed conversion for performance and profit. This tub also contains a live yeast extract to help reduce the incidence of acidosis, improve fibre digestibility, milk yield, dry matter intakes and daily liveweight gain. Combine these two ingredients with Myco-Binder which will absorb any toxins in the forage, and you have Tub CRINA, suitable for all cattle systems where you are looking to maximize stock performance. With the added anti frothing and surfactant ingredients to help prevent bloat on spring grazing, this is a fantastic product for making the most of genetic potential.

TUB CP Protected Copper, Selenium & Zinc

A bucket for cattle formulated to provide smart zinc, organic selenium, and biotin to produce a positive help with fertility, hoof and tissue integrity. It also contains a rich level of special copper to overcome "lockups" caused by higher levels of molybdenum, sulphur or iron in the soil. Suitable throughout the year for all classes of cattle.

TUB CF Penned Calves

Every pen of calves whatever their health status should have this bucket available. Packed with ingredients to promote rumen development, growth rates, body frame and coat condition. Recently updated to include the highly successful Breathezee formulation, this bucket will not only help reduce incidences of dry patchy skin, but will help keep calves breathing clearly. Enhanced with Devon Bank herbal extracts which is full of "nature's" goodness.


Over 80% of dairy and suckler calves suffer from clinical or sub-clinical coccidiosis. Whether housed or at grass this "silent robber" reduces growth rate and condition. COXI-CLEAR CALF contains a concentrated coccidiostat and is also supplemented with gut conditioners and growth improvers to assist rumen development and reduce scouring. This is the best growth enhancer you can feed to your calves.

TUB SLS Suckler Licking Stone (Dietetic Feedstuff)

Suckler Licking Stone is designed to supply natural sources of nutrients to all cattle at grass or yarded. Devon Bank herb extracts and live yeast together with 10% magnesium, copper, vitamin E and selenium will ensure this product is ideal for suckler herds especially with calves at foot, throughout the UK all year round. When calves have access it will improve growth, condition, muscle development whilst reducing the threat of hypomagnesaemia (grass staggers) for the cow.

TUB AUD Anti-Urine Drinking

Stock drinking other cow's urine is more common than we like to admit. It is probably one of the surest signs that all is not well with the animal's digestive process.The ingredients help balance rumen acidity as well as improving digestion and silage dry matter intake. Use in addition to the existing feed and mineral programme. Introduce Tub AUD at winter housing for as long as the problem exists.

TUB FLY Stop Fly Nuisance

The nuisance of fly presence to grazing stock is very apparent. Not only disturbing their natural grazing pattern through restlessness and irritation, but also the ever present threat of infection and disease. This bucket contains a unique fly dispersant "Repel-EX" to combat the problem of "nuisance flies" plus a raft of nutrients, including high magnesium and increased selenium levels, to supplement normal deficiencies in grazed grass.

TUB CC Cattle Conditioning

A unique combination of highly available and protected iodine and vitamin levels act as guardians to combat dry patchy skin. Together with included calcium, selenium and vitamin E this tub aids muscle development and build a strong frame. Ideal for calves and heifers indoors and out. Reformulated recently to include generous levels of copper.

TUB EC or EC+FLY Easi Calver Tubby (Dietetic Feedstuff)

Correct management in pre-calving cows is the key to healthy, strong calves, productive lactations and improved fertility. This bucket provides all the ingredients to do just this. Tub EC aids a smooth calving period and as it is also a dietetic feedstuff can have a positive effect on milk fever. Assists the foetal growth, speedy calving, tissue and hoof integrity. Containing Acetona, EC is the essential ingredient for all suckler and dairy cows. Also available with the fly reducing ingredient "Repel-EX".

Quick Serve Tubby

A Tubby charged with "Orvec Stimulus" to give those sexually lazy cows a "lust for the bull" and set their hormones racing. One bucket will treat 5 cows for 6 weeks to see the dramatic improvement it can make to heat detection and fertility problems in your suckler cows, heifers and dairy cows. Seek mineral clinic advice on other mineral supplementation whilst using this product.Q

Quick Serve

Quick Serve drives the natural reproduction responses during heat periods. Contains Orvec Stimulus to stimulate oestrus, increase sexual activity and improve conception rates dramatically. Use when heifer, dairy or suckler cows are lacking interest at bulling or to improve poor heat detection. Feed in-mix or top dressed for a period of 42 days. Seek mineral clinic advice on other mineral supplementation whilst using this product.

Breathezee Granules

When housed, all stock face a respiratory challenge. When conditions suggest that this will be a major concern e.g. intensive housing, mild, muggy weather etc. feed this product. This product is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED as the ingredients ensure appetite and growth rates are improved and the nasal passages are unblocked and cleared. Use during high risk periods. A palatable meal, can be ad-mixed/sprinkled on feeds at the recommended rates or use Tub CF which has Breath-Ezee added.